Our seminars and programs are based on several key beliefs and assumptions, all of which are supported by research. Here’s what we know and what helps our transformation programs succeed:

  1. Over 90% of Americans are living lives that produce life-threatening or life-compromising disease and disability
  2. Most people are wasting 10-20 years of health-span
  3. Very few people understand how chronic diseases and disabilities are developing in their bodies
  4. Approximately 75% of these disease and disability patterns are optional and preventable
  5. Most are stoppable and/or reversible
  6. Although many people believe they are informed, very few have the information they need
  7. People have no realistic way to sort through and apply the rich sources of science-based information that’s available
  8. People have no realistic way to sort through the conflicting and distorted information that floods the internet, TV, and book stores
  9. Large financial interests and our modern social environment defeat most people’s best efforts to change

In short, most people do not know how to successfully change the course of their lives toward health, vitality, and quality of life, and sustain them over their lifetimes. The result is a human and financial tragedy for America.