Many of these clients began their journey with The Breakthrough Seminar, then joined one of our programs or did the 45-Day Breakthrough Diet on their own. The results reflect their commitment combined with the power of being informed and enabled to take control of their lifestyle.

“Cruxpoint makes people unsatisfied with mediocrity.”

“There are other groups that sell transformations but their results fall far short.”

“Thank you is an understatement. Today, I was different. My words, my attitude, my actions … I wasn’t fully anticipating that, and I am certain it will stick. [I have] renewed resolve, and even a sense of peace.”

When I heard about Cruxpoint, I hesitated to join in the first session and missed the opportunity. But then a second session was being held and knew I should give it a shot. I’m so grateful I did. Attending the session made me realize that I’ve been doing it wrong all along. What I was eating was not helping me but hindering me. I decided that I would do the 45-day Breakthrough Diet … By day 10, my body started looking different, my energy level increased, my attitude was changing as well. By day 44, I was a completely changed person. My clothes were looser, my energy level was out of control, and my attitude did a complete 180 … We have continued on this journey sticking as close to “clean eating” as we possibly can. And that’s how I like to refer to it: a journey and a lifestyle change… not a diet.
— JS

I’ve been diagnosed with/medicated for:
– Undifferentiated connective tissue disease: Hydroxychloriquine / 400 mg/day
– Fibromyalgia: Naproxen / 500mg 2x daily
– Raynaulds
– Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Fiber (which I didn’t take)
– Depression/Anxiety: various meds, Lexapro / 20mg, and Ativan (as needed)
– Insomnia: Ambien / 12.5 + 5mg
– Migraines: migraine cocktails in the ER if I can’t get it under control at home.

But… I’m off everything now by eating healthy. I feel pretty good except for some joint pain at times. I’m not taking anything now except Vitamin D and a multivitamin.

— G

Why I’m writing is for the unexpected benefit that I really didn’t believe would happen. I’ve been on 2 blood pressure meds since I was 45. I’m currently 55. I do not handle any medication well so I’ve felt like crap for 10 years. My two biggest issues were the one medication causes muscle weakness and extreme fatigue. Getting out of bed was an effort every day, let alone trying to do any kind of exercise.
I slowly weaned myself off the first and then the second medication… I’m happy to say that my bp is 117 over 79 or 80 WITHOUT medication and I feel AMAZING! I can’t even describe what it feels like to get out of bed and feel rested and to have some energy! Or to lift up my arms or legs without feeling like they weigh a thousand pounds!

I have to be honest and say that I was the most skeptical person ever. I didn’t even think I would lose weight and if I hadn’t lost 8 pounds the first week (more than I ever did before) I’m not sure I would have continued. BUT, I did lose those 8 pounds and while that has slowed way down, the fact that I’m off my medications is what is driving me now.

I want to just say thank you very much for introducing this… you have changed my life! You are doing a very good thing.

— KP, 55 year old female

I want to tell you how much your support has meant to me. I look to you as a powerhouse of GRIT and intelligence. I also feel you have an extremely caring nature.
— MJ

I attended my first HB seminar in December of 2014. I learned about inflammation, and how food affects inflammation in the body. WOW that’s me… an inflammatory bowel disease.
… I stopped my medication towards the end of March after I became symptom free. It is now June 25, 2015 and I have a mild occasional flare when I do something stupid, like drink 2 beers instead of having just one or eat too much fiber.

Something I noticed after just 3-4 weeks on the 45 Day Challenge were that my joints used to hurt and now they don’t. I didn’t really give it much thought until the pain went away. Every morning while walking down the stairs I used to notice my ankles were stiff and a little achy. I also noticed throughout the day a slight achy shoulder pain. Well those are gone now.

I also used to suffer from migraines, have not had one since. I hope I am not jinxing myself here.

In addition I read a blog in March that discussed following a Cruxpoint-type diet would reduce or eliminate seasonal allergies. I thought to myself, yeah right! I am here to report that I used to suffer from seasonal allergies. I did not even start to take my medicine this spring. I said to myself “we will see” well guess what… WE SEE no allergies!!

SO this is how I live my life now.

— MJ