Profound definitions of character

Profound definitions of character

The Compass: Profound Definitions of Character

9 non-negotiable character traits to guide you in transforming your health and your life.

Most people today settle for sloppy, careless lives. And it shows in their performance, their ambition, their relationships, and their health. Worse, they end up transferring those habits to their children.

Why? Many of us simply don’t know how to develop true character. Perhaps good character has never been modelled for you, or it could be you just don’t know the practical “where” and “how” to begin.

Transforming your health requires transforming your life. And there’s no way you’ll transform your life without first fine-tuning your character. Want to live awake, aware, clear-headed, committed, and responsible? Set your compass to these 9 character traits.


True lostness is being lost without knowing you’re lost – sleepwalking through life. Living in true lostness leads to mid-life crisis, or a life unfulfilled. True lostness is never having found your own distinct path or route.

My mantra:
I avoid true lostness by remembering, in every moment of every day, that life is an incomprehensible miracle, an extraordinary gift. I bring that awareness, awake and awestruck, into my daily living and into my interactions with others. I refuse to flounder and instead move purposefully through life.


Honest communication has a purpose of creating positive impact. Truth has power, truth sets us free, and truth is the only platform from which to build a high-quality life. Honesty in communication is the process of dealing in truth and accepting responsibility for challenging lies.

My mantra:
I engage with myself and others in a deeply honest way. I pursue positive purpose. I refute the lies I tend to believe about myself as well as the lies I choose to believe about others. I speak truth to others to help set them free.


A deep and abiding belief that all is known, nothing is hidden, every thought and behavior has its effects, shame and guilt are gifts of guidance, and the rewards of practicing integrity surpass any gains achieved through cutting corners or taking inappropriate advantage.

My mantra:
Everything I do is known. I develop and live with a fine-tuned compass and a rock-solid North Star. I do not compromise my soul, my self, or my obligations to others.


A good life does not happen through emotional and mental muddle-headedness. We look to the clear-headed for clarity of mind and steadiness of emotion.

My mantra:
I demand of myself clear thought. I keep my emotions sorted out. When chaos and confusion reign, I accept my obligation to be a steadying influence. It is my job to display practical wisdom in action.


A deep and abiding belief that there are certain aspects of our lives which warrant full commitment and that our decisions, behavior, commitments, and communication serve to demonstrate that commitment.

My mantra:
As a mature adult, a family member, a friend, and a citizen, I am aware of my roles and responsibilities. I acknowledge that there are values worth honoring and, if need be, worth dying for. I dedicate my attention, time, and energy to the important things, and I influence others to do the same.


We live as free choosers in an unlimited field of choice, and with that freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility is reality, not a nice notion when convenient. In fact, to embrace responsibility is to seek fulfillment of the gift of human agency.

My mantra:
I am the primary causal force in my own life. I use my personal power to choose responsibility, and I find deep satisfaction in that. I am accountable and answerable for my actions. I refuse to make excuses.


To love is to risk. All relationships require empathy and thoughtfulness, trust and dedication. Life requires awareness of our obligations to others. Mutually beneficial, win-win arrangements can be achieved when someone takes responsibility to solve problems.

My mantra:
I bother myself to love people. I am aware of my obligations to others. I can be trusted and counted on. I go out of my way to identify shared goals and common ground. I am willing to risk because I believe that my relationships have value.


Courage displayed has a bracing effect. People want it, expect it, and are disappointed if someone fails to demonstrate it. Courage includes being both sensible and bold, leading others through difficulty. We know instinctively that when adults lack courage, bad things happen.

My mantra:
I understand that people look to me to show courage. I will go to the mat on the important stuff. I will have backbone and be steadfast. I will stand with others and encourage the strength in them.

Connection to God

Our connection to God (or the spiritual) shows us our place in the universe and expands the vision for how we were made to live. Truth, freedom, and love are inherent qualities of God, and as we connect to God, this transforms our character.

My mantra:
I draw humility from the vast goodness that is God. The love that is God helps to orient my motives, and my belovedness gives me the courage to love myself and others. My connection to God is my North Star as I seek transformation of my character, my life, and my health.

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