The Wake Up & Take Charge Event

A one-day, life-changing experience. Become informed and take charge of your health, vitality, and long-term quality of life.

Presented by Gary V. Koyen, Ph.D., Founder & CEO of Cruxpoint Health Breakthrough, Inc.

We are in a full-blown crisis of unnecessary chronic disease and disability. Given the statistics, chances are you’re already part of this crisis. And the medical system is not the solution.

It’s time to wake up, decide, and take charge – become informed, make the right decisions, and take action.

The most important part of this 1-day event is the “Wake-Up” part. More than 70% of Americans are living in a way that produces the three Ds: premature disease, disability, and death.

We just don’t know what we don’t know.

Most people believe they’re informed, but in our experience they’re not informed enough to be awake, make great decisions, and take charge of their health, vitality, and long-term quality of life.

Parents, do you know what you’re doing to your children?

Parents, learn how to give knowledge and control to your kids. Most parents – even in health-conscious parts of the country – are raising their children in a way that induces premature, serious disease.

This is an introductory, one-day event required for participation in The Breakthrough Seminar.

“You can’t transform your health unless you transform how you live. You will not transform how you live unless you transform yourself.”
Gary V. Koyen, PhD
CEO and Founder of the The Cruxpoint MethodTM


The Wake-Up Event is jam-packed. My team and I will answer the following questions:

1. Disease drivers

  • What are the big drivers of virtually the entire span of chronic diseases and disabilities?
  • How do these factors drive heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, obesity, GI conditions, high blood pressure, dementias, allergies, asthma, mental/emotional disorders, cancers, and a host of troubling health conditions?

2. Halting and reversing health trauma

  • If I have any of these conditions, what can I do to halt or even reverse them?
  • How can I protect myself and my family from these health traumas?
  • How can I keep from making my children vulnerable?

3. The Diet Wars

  • The silliness of the diet wars. We will simplify the whole matter in a way that makes sense to you. 

4. The crux

“You can’t transform your health unless you transform how you live. You will not transform how you live unless you transform yourself.” Dr. Koyen will explain why he puts so much emphasis on this theme.

5. Quick Dive: Cardiovascular Disease & high blood pressure

  • How do we create heart disease and hypertension?
  • How can I measure my heart health?
  • What can I do to halt it, and perhaps reverse it?
  • How can I normalize my blood pressure?

6. Quick Dive: Autoimmune diseases

Crohn’s, colitis, RA, MS, Type 1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, etc.

  • What happens to trigger an autoimmune disease?
  • What is the Perfect Storm of causal factors?
  • What can I do to halt and even reverse my autoimmune disease?

7. Quick Dive: Type 2 Diabetes & metabolic syndrome

  • How do we become diabetic?
  • What can I do to normalize my sugar regulation and reverse diabetes?

8. Quick Dive: Obesity

This is the single most dangerous and misunderstood health condition today. It is rare to meet anyone who truly understands why we’re in an obesity epidemic, why losing weight has such a high failure rate, and how to successfully achieve a desired body composition – and maintain it for life. This section of the day is worth the price of admission, all by itself.

9. Quick Dive: Dementias

  • How do we make ourselves vulnerable to the dementias, such as Alzheimer’s?
  • What can I do to prevent this fate?

…And more, as time allows.